Hyperspace waves

This pages in this section contains derivation of properties of so called  hyperspace waves and properties of newly proposed carriers of hyperspace waves called  "super photons".  First part contains derivation for planar hyperspace waves, and reasoning, why these waves could or should exist. Second part introduces quantum approach, and shows, what are the expected properties of super photons.  Third part  [TODO] introduces so called "balanced waves", which are mixture of regular waves (photons) and hyperspace waves (super photons). In fourth part [TODO]  it is proposed how to implement sources and detectors of balanced waves. The assumption is, that due to non-locality of super photons, these hypothetical particles could be used in order to disrupt principle of causality. Another proposed feature of super photons, which could be technically exploited, is the ability to penetrate any matter.

For further derivation we will use the following assumptions (postulates):

  1. The laws of physics are invariant (i.e. identical) in all inertial systems (non-accelerating frames of reference).
  2. The speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of the motion of the light source.
  3. The above is valid even in frames of reference moving by super-luminar velocities (with respect to the original frame of reference) 

Please note, that  first two postulates are indeed postulates of special theory of relativity. Third postulate is new postulate, which extend validity of special theory of relativity also to frames of  reference moving by higher speed, than is the speed of light. Let's remind, that frames of reference are thought objects, and therefore there is no limit for their speed. Also note, that theory of hyperspace waves is in deed extension of special theory of relativity, and therefore is compatible with special theory of relativity.

As result of rational reasoning, if we admit validity of third postulate, we must also admit existence of newly proposed elementary particles with imaginary properties, some of them having also new quantum numbers. These newly proposed particles should exists besides of regular matter and antimatter particles, and should have very interesting properties. Therefore I call these particles with prefix super. We therefore should have super photons, for which the derivation is shown here: Quantum approach (super photons) . Analogically if we would use equation for dispersive packets, we should be able to derive equations of super electrons, super protons, super neutrons, super muons etc ... 

Lets compare some basic properties of photons an super photons:

 photon super photon
frequency real imaginary
 wave number
 real imaginary
at given space coordinates
in infinity
 velocity of propagation
 c c
 energy real imaginary(?)
 rest mass
 0 0 (?)
 shape of envelope 
in space (x,y,z,t)
as non-dispersive wave packet 
propagates, but is exponentially dumped, moreover cannot fully reach given space coordinates. Should be detectable on very large space or time scales
in hyper space (ix,iy,iz,it)
propagates, but is exponentially dumped, moreover cannot fully reach given space coordinates. Should be detectable on very large space or time scales
as non-dispersive wave packet