Online courses

You are welcome to subscribe to our educational courses!                                                                                                                                                                                                   

By subscription to octonion-multiverse courses you will gain access to  educational courses with private educational content. You will get access to all  private educational  content including related videos and e-books/papers, that are  published  by author and/or co-wokers. You will also get access to git repositories containing related documents. The following individual courses are currently available:

Preparatory courses:

P1A   - Quaternions, Bi-quaternions and Octonions  (12 weeks - 18 hours in total)   - 1500 USD/1350 EUR
P2A   - preparatory course physics                            (12 weeks - 24hours in total)     - 1500 USD/1350 EUR

Main courses:

M1B -  hyperspace waves and applications   (12 weeks - 18 hours in total)                  -  1900 USD/1680 EUR
M2B -  theory of everything  and applications    (12 weeks - 18 hours in total)             -  2100 USD/1860 EUR

Note: Funds collected are important for further research, purchase of lab equipment and other material for experiments.