2013 - moving to Richmond

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:41 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Apr 4, 2016, 1:50 PM by David Jaroš ]

 As I already hinted, later in the year 2013 I have moved to  Richmond Virginia, as my company, going again trough dramatic changes, gave me the opportunity to work in US. I was still  working as Senior Verification Engineer, but now on the new project called Fusion.

Regarding my research, late in 2013 I finished some calculations and came to some very abstract conclusion, which I have already summarized in the paragraph about hyperspace waves. The core idea of this conclusion was that, breaking the speed of light limit leads to rotation of x-t axes by a complex angle. Of course under the speed of light limit the angle is real. The speed of light limit didn't look like hard limit any more, instead it was looking more like some bifurcation limit. By bifurcation limit I mean value the of velocity, at which the topology and behaviour of system completely changes.

At this time I have also learned more about Aharonov Bohm effect  (ABE), and inspired by this phenomenon I have  numerically calculated   shape of cavity surrounding toroidal coil,  in which would magnetic vector potential resonate. I used in WxMaxima software for the calculations. Idea was similar to wave guide resonators, but the shape was very different, similar to shape of UFO. This idea  was still motivated by Kaluza-Klein theory, but for what I could use this resonator for was still unclear.

Could I use it for building of an UFO? As I mentioned, the shape somewhat matched. Or could I use this device to achieve curvature of space-time by enormous energy accumulated in the cavity? Or perhaps I could use it for traversal of multi-verse by changing of the phase shift current in toroid? These all were too crazy ideas, and there was still no clear practical outcome. Moreover for exact manufacturing of cavity I would probably need 3D printer.

But  anyway I have the  proposal of the resonator still prepared  in my drawer ready for some experimental research. By the way, according to  ABE, this resonator should have significant effect on all charged particles inside the cavity, namely on the phase of their wave function.