years 2010-2013

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:31 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Mar 31, 2016, 9:04 PM ]
I was still in Acision in Prague, but things were changing. Company was already in the "helix of breakup", and with this came depression and also more hobby projects to compensate this depression from uncertain future. Change was expected in every moment, therefore I registered also a  trade certificate. I should be prepared! In 2011 15% of my colleagues lost their jobs.
Regarding research, I was Inspired by hobby projects we have done in Acision, and thus I have invented own design  of free energy  device. I'm not going to publish the design here yet, as this still might be subject for patent. But I can at least  disclose more details on principle here in this link - free energy source.

In the same time I also started to read many popular science and science books, and I started to think more intensively about nature of our universe. Preparation period for big inventions just started!

During this time I read many books and papers related to general theory of relativity, quantum field theory, theory of parallel universes, Poincare conjecture, topology of universe. I have also read biography of Nicola Tesla and book about Czechoslovak (pseudo)science from socialist era "Psychotronic - basic theoretical concept". Surprisingly even this formed my later ideas. Hypothetical particles called infons described in this (pseudo)science book exactly matched the properties of my hyperspace waves ! And even now I think this is the same thing.
The biggest impulse to start deep research was for me though the great popular science book  "Hyperspace" written by Michio Kaku. I read this book around year 2010.  Finally I knew that there is lot to investigate, what goes beyond the knowledge I have learned in school. And so I started to learn more about multidimensional reality of universe.

Following this, I have spent many  nights  calculating different metric tensors for different geometries. Starting from basic ones like Lorentz transform, going to more difficult ones like spherical geometries.  I was even discovering metric tensors for speculative Kaluza-Klein theory, which has one more dimension - electromagnetism. In Kaluza-Klein theory there are 5 dimensions instead of 4. In my derivations, I was trying to invent shape of electromagnetic field, that would cause time to revert or cause the space to be smaller. Most of these these calculations are also in my  "Green book" (now mostly in directory metric-tensor).  What a great progress in the view, how I looked on Philadelphia experiment now, compared to that view, that I had, when I was on university.  With Kaluza-Klein  everything was  seemingly clear, and the calculations I made, haven't been difficult at all. The knowledge of calculus and perhaps some introduction to tensors was all I needed!
But still somehow the electromagnetic field didn't want to connect with space curvature and gravity. It was simply in different row and column of the matrix. And there was no way how to connect it to other rows. No Jacobian helped, neither these for metric containing singularity. Simply it didn't work at all.
Even though I wasn't able to find the proper shape of the electromagnetic field, to reproduce Philadelphia experiment in 2010-2011, my knowledge of physics and math has greatly improved in this time. I hope, I will have one more opportunity to do discover this promising direction of my research, perhaps from different point of view.

But finally during self-study of tensor calculus I discovered for me completely knew mathematical objects. I have barely heard about them during my college study (only in connection with original Maxwell equations). Well I was studying electrical engineering, not pure math nor theoretical physics. That's explain everything, simply they didn't tell us about this at school! The mathematical objects that opened my eyes were quaternions, biquaternions  and octonions. Related to these are also Spinors, but these I touched only basically yet.

Even though  in the great year 2012, during reading the book about Poincare conjecture, which was not directly related to problem I tried to solve, I started to sense different direction for the research. And that  direction was looking promising. I started to think more about the idea of hyperspace waves.