years 1998 - 2005

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:23 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Mar 31, 2016, 8:35 PM ]
started to work for Vodafone (Oskar), where I have learned a lot about GSM networks. This was great and busy part of my life, but not  related to my researcher's  activities, therefore I'm putting details on separate page work in Vodafone.

Anyway at that time I started to feel, that I need to move from transmission engineer role in Vodafone to some even  computer oriented work, and company changes in 2005 gave me that opportunity. 

Regarding my independent research, during my Vodafone times there was not much progress on this field, and to by honest, I didn't even know what I want to invent yet. Should it be perhaps perpetum mobile or better time machine?. So instead of research, I was rather practising brain, solving some math and logic puzzles (sometimes I liked also wood or wire puzzles).

Later in this period I also started to learn Linux, and also much more about networking and TCP/IP. There was also a pretty new phenomenon WiFi, which I have devoured. I learned about access points, firewall, DNS, DHCP etc. I also manufactured my first SMT PCB GSM pager and successfully programmed it's PIC MCU in assembler. I even wanted to manufacture this thing, but unfortunately Chinese can always manufacture things cheaper. So I ended up with 2 prototypes only. Never mind at least I learned something. And more detailed  knowledge of SMS protocols together with knowledge of Linux and networking led to my next employment.