work in Acision Prague

On the beginning I also spent some time on training in Maastricht. I have learned much more about Linux/UNIX and also open source projects. My work was usually to find bugs in software,  or prove that bugs have been properly fixed. This was not always easy because all product we used have been based on opensource, written in very different programming languages or scripting languages (Perl, Python, C/C++, Java ...).  But this job was always interesting and not  routine, and I had even opportunity to do somewhat of support at this times. I have learned a lot from testing, development and support. Also lot from many application level    protocols and so on.

The work was not routine, but problem was it was not creative enough. I mean it was creative, but less creative then the software part in Vodafone, where it was  usually only me who decided how the app should be implemented. Therefore I had to compensate, and my friends/colleagues did the same. Fortunately there have been hobby projects! 

Surprisingly the  management in Prague office was pretty tolerant and tolerated our hobby projects at least to some extent, but of course work was always on first place. It could be whatever from  quadrucopter, so called "free" energy sources, laser 3D scanner, even mining of gold using acid. Even though the projects ended only occasionally with success,  everybody learned a lot from them. While others have been often more aimed on programming of Arduino, or physical realization. I was always more involved in theory of operation. E.g. I calculated how stable will be that quadrucopter, if the accelerometer has given precision, tried to explain, how could the Russian free energy Kapanadze source could work etc.