years 1992 -1998

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:03 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Apr 4, 2016, 2:16 PM by David Jaroš ]
I attended electro-engineering study program on Czech Technical University and got solid education in math, physics, electromagnetism, electronics, biomedical engineering, telecommunication and general electrical engineering. I also learned basics of quantum theory, special and even general theory of relativity. I have learned a lot about application of this knowledge which basically creates our modern world. The  most interesting  and usually most challenging subjects have been higher level math, theory of electromagnetic field, quantum theory, theory of digital  communication and signal and image processing. 
Important guide for my further research was my semester paper from theory of electromagnetic field where I had to calculate RF Faraday cage consisting of rectangular wave guides. I solved easily this puzzle, and realized, that if the wavelength of  incoming electromagnetic field is greater than width of the waveguide, the wave inside waveguide is exponentially dumped, and that alpha and beta coefficients  of wavenumber k basically switch their place. This idea is quite important, because this is, as I have much later realized, very similar to the concept of electromagnetic hyperspace waves.

Sometime during this college time frame I started to write so called "green book". This "green book" had started during my lectures of electromagnetism and physics, and was motivated by the Philadelphia experiment. At this time I naively tried to calculate using standard electromagnetic theory what is the direction of Poynting vector in the case, that the field1 is interacting with field2. The main question I tried to answer was: "Can the direction of poynting vector of field1 be changed by field2 ?" Of course this approach was not successful and I soon realized that in linear case it's simply not achievable, because of the principle of superposition. But in non-linear case i.e. for high energies or strength of field, which was indeed on the USS Eldridge boat, this interaction could eventually happen. Notable fact is also, that  high energy photons can interact but I didn't know this at this time.

Note: my latest research has shown that the required non-linear effect could be created using scalar field G, or maybe even better by superposition of two scalar fields shifted by 90 degrees in phase (remember using toroidal coil it's only possible to create time AC scalar field - this I have proved both theoretically and experimentally). The reason is, that for magnetostatic aproximation  the div(A)=0 outside the torroid, and the charge and the smaller, charged induced component contains time derivation, which is zero for DC fields.