free energy source

Main trick how this device should operate is  pretty straightforward. Crucial is to use 4 wire energy transfer instead of that usual 2 wire. The device
I have designed should collect energy taken from infinity, sum it and put it to resistive load. I have schematics of this device in separate sheet, and have also designed some variation of this device using toroidal coil. This was very first  controversial device I have invented around 2012, but it's operation can be still explained by main stream electromagnetic theory. There are some paradoxes related to operation of this device, e.g.  this device seems to  violate of principle of causality (1). Energy conservation principle is though NOT violated, as the energy is basically taken from boundary of universe (i.e. from infinity or from big bang).  This very easily explains from where this free energy is taken.  It seems to be  taken from creation of universe, and my latest research suggest that this is the same energy which is pushing the inflation of universe.