Ancient symbols - only coincidence ? (speculative)

This is non-rigorous and a bit speculative, but still interesting part connected to my theory.

It's certainly not a coincidence, that all the ancient symbols from different cultures and big world religious beliefs have so clear and tangible meaning in the Theory of everything. Even though I was able to derive theory of everything using pure math and logic (well I can admit some sudden inventions helped me to find direction too), I wouldn't be able to propose better graphical symbols for my theory. The evidence of connection of the Theory of everything to ancient symbols is so obvious and numerous, that it could be used by any court. We can of course start to speculate how this is possible. Is that some legacy of even older culture, maybe Atlantis, which existed even before some big cataclysmic event (war of worlds, big deluge,..) and which  knew this theory? Or perhaps did some extraterrestrials with advanced technologies give us these symbols and maybe also religions? Or might some travellers from future did so? Or perhaps is this information encoded somewhere deep in human DNA?

Well, I consider myself scientist,  so I don't want to take these speculation any further at the moment, but of course the questions are there and should be answered someday by somebody. The answers are  simply so much related to origin of mankind and the meaning of life too.  So stop speculations, and let's look at the connections of symbols and theory of everything now.

this symbol can be found on ancient pyramids, and it's projection of 64 tetrahedral grid. Biquaternion Laplacian operator applied on biquaternion vector potential from Theory of everything has exactly 64 components.

Number 8 is fundamental number in Theory of everything and also in theory of Hyperspace waves (FTL) as this is the number of all axes (t,x,y,z,it,ix,iy,iz) in biquaternion based formalism and it's also total number of basis vectors  (e0,e1,e2,e3,e4,e5,e6,e7) in octonion based formalism. In octonion based formalism e0 means scalar and the remaining vectors e1-e7 are considered vectors.

this symbol, used by Judaism, can be also used instead of octonion multiplication table. Octonion multiplication can be achieved simply by following 3D Merkaba edges. Star of David is just projection of 3D Merkaba to 2D plane. 

in some interpretations represents expansion and centripetal energy. This is exactly the meaning of electro-scalar and magneto-scalar energy vectors in Theory of everything. Also if we change the sign of G, the role of both vectors is swapped. This can be easily visualized by rotation of the  JING /JANG symbol by 180 degrees.
SWASTIKA (I intentionally have the non-nazi version here!)

this symbol clearly shows, that each from 4 basic axes (t,x,y,z),  that are perpendicular each to other (like in the symbol), also has it's imaginary counterpart (t ->i*t,x->i*x, y->i*y, z->i*z). All these imaginary counterparts are perpendicular to it's original axe, exactly like in the symbol. In other words straight branches of swastikaare related to velocities  v<c, whereas wrapped ones are related to FTL velocities (v>c).

first of all Chinese hexagrams are constructed from 8 basic trigrams, in other words this is a 3-bit binary code for representation of 8 basis vectors (t,x,y,z,it,ix,iy,iz)  or in octonion formalism  (e0,e1,e2,e3,e4,e5,e6,e7). Octonion multiplication can be easily expressed as binary operations  above this set of binary vectors, or can be even more easily shown in hexagram table. Moreover the total number of hexagrams is 64, and this is again the same number as count of all components of generalized biquaternion Laplace operator of generalized  biquaternion electromagnetic potential A.