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year 2017

posted Dec 1, 2017, 2:33 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Dec 1, 2017, 2:37 PM ]

Not much progress, but after last year finding, that my theory is dual to general theory of relativity, and discovery of properties of  super photons, I have discovered an other important property of space-time. This property is periodicity of space-time. This periodicity is just a simple implication of the fact, that 4-vectors can be represented  by bi-quaternions, and bi-quaternions themselves are periodic, if expressed using the angle between real and imaginary part. So this periodicity of space-time is hidden, but it is inherently there. Another interesting knowledge is, that if the speed of light would be overcame,  this periodicity would disappear, and become just an exponential dumping. So this might be the root cause of speed of light limit...

years 2014-2016 - THEORY OF EVERYTHING

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:46 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Mar 31, 2016, 11:22 AM ]

I didn't do much in 2014 on my independent research topics, as I was busy days and nights with my work. Atmosphere in the company was still stormy, and many people lost  their jobs. I was fully dedicated to my work of software engineer. I also enjoyed my new wife, as I got married in march. But you can't stop ideas they are coming all the time! Therefore late in 2014 and mainly in summer 2015 I really made a breakthrough. In the autumn 2014, something reminded me that in 2013, just before I left Prague, in a flash of intuition I wrote on paper very simple quaternion equation. As I suspected that equation,  contained all  electromagnetism on one single line, and had barely 3 symbols besides equal and minus signs.  Here is the summary in it's  full beauty:

On the left side of equation is biquaternion eight intensity, which will be described later. On right side is minus biquaternion gradient of biquaternion vector potential.  Definition follows: 



The  biquaternion eight intensity  E8   is generalized version of  electrical intensity, known from Maxwell equations. The subscript "8" I added later,  to emphasize, that this intensity has up to 8  real dimensions (or four complex). As expected this simple equation could be expanded to more complex expression, which shows relation to electromagnetic quantities E,B (these are written as purely imaginary quaternions with real components). Purely imaginary quaternion means, that it contains only vector part, therefore neither E or B has scalar component in the following equation.


Immediately I have also realized, that the mysterious indwelling  sub-expression, that I started call G,  is indeed equal to expression  from  Lorenz gauge condition (LGC), but  it's not equal to 0 here anymore! Instead G it's on the left side of equation (and thus can have any value): 

I knew  already in Prague, that this magical and simple expression represents complete theory of electromagnetic field. This includes both field components  B and E as well as all Maxwell equations.  Some quantities like  charge density or vectors of current densities are a bit obscured in this equation, but they are inherently still there. E.g. if we  calculate quaternion Laplacian (note there are even 2 versions or components  of this  operator which differ in sign at space components), we clearly see current densities Ji. To see this immediately, either knowledge of wave  equation for vector potential is needed (which have been derived based on LGC assumption e.g. G=0, or we can see this also in other way. Let's  also set G=0  i.e. LGC, for which this wave  equation was derived, and then we apply  appropriate  quaternion gradient (also has 2 variants which differ in sign at space components ) also on E8. Because of LGC  precondition,  E8 has now zero scalar component, and is  a purely  imaginary quaternion according to quaternion  terminology. By expression of components of quaternion gradient of E8 we can  immediately see that the real part of the  equation express  rot(B)  vector operator i.e. Ji. The similar is valid for imaginary part of  E8, i.e. electrical  intensity. When G=0 and quaternion gradient is applied on E8, we get  div(E), and on right side free charge density divided by c. (Note: but there is also one more element related to divergence of vector potential - this should be checked, why is there this extra component?).

From the above explanation, it is clear, that even though obscured, the current density and charge density, is there  inherently in the one line equation of electromagnetism.

 Why I call the new element G? Well simply G stands for gradient or gauge. Gradient because it can be generated by 4-dimensional gradient of vector 4-potential. Space  components have much higher influence, in this case. But we can call G also gauge, and in electromagnetism generally this gauge can be any (see e.g. Lorentz gauge, Coulomb gauge or Weyl gauge on wikipedia). But there are infinitely many possibilities how to select gauge. And any gauge can be converted to Lorentz gauge (or LGC or G=0).

This is very similar to selection of inertial frame in classical Newton dynamics or even theory of relativity. Therefore I started to hypothesize, that this similarity is not random,  but G corresponds to acceleration or in other words to GRAVITY!!! I other words, if G=0 (LGC) there is no acceleration or gravity. If G<>0 then there is some acceleration or gravity in the frame of reference.  This connection I anticipated even earlier, but I got closer to that conclusion only on the beginning of year 2016 when I was in  Richmond.

 Here I'm going to show also another indication to this conclusion. Let's start with energy calculation of generalized electromagnetic field.
 I have calculated the energy density & flow W as:

Note that except of 3 standard electromagnetic elements, which are exactly equal to elements from standard electromagnetic theory (magnetic energy, electrical energy and  flowing electromagnetic energy i.e. Poynting vector) there are also other two elements containing G. First element  has scalar and the second one vector character. Please note, that about formula is valid only for real G, and in this case there is no magneto-scalar energy. For complex G, you must use full formula, which can be found in Theory of everything.

2013 - moving to Richmond

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:41 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Apr 4, 2016, 1:50 PM by David Jaroš ]

 As I already hinted, later in the year 2013 I have moved to  Richmond Virginia, as my company, going again trough dramatic changes, gave me the opportunity to work in US. I was still  working as Senior Verification Engineer, but now on the new project called Fusion.

Regarding my research, late in 2013 I finished some calculations and came to some very abstract conclusion, which I have already summarized in the paragraph about hyperspace waves. The core idea of this conclusion was that, breaking the speed of light limit leads to rotation of x-t axes by a complex angle. Of course under the speed of light limit the angle is real. The speed of light limit didn't look like hard limit any more, instead it was looking more like some bifurcation limit. By bifurcation limit I mean value the of velocity, at which the topology and behaviour of system completely changes.

At this time I have also learned more about Aharonov Bohm effect  (ABE), and inspired by this phenomenon I have  numerically calculated   shape of cavity surrounding toroidal coil,  in which would magnetic vector potential resonate. I used in WxMaxima software for the calculations. Idea was similar to wave guide resonators, but the shape was very different, similar to shape of UFO. This idea  was still motivated by Kaluza-Klein theory, but for what I could use this resonator for was still unclear.

Could I use it for building of an UFO? As I mentioned, the shape somewhat matched. Or could I use this device to achieve curvature of space-time by enormous energy accumulated in the cavity? Or perhaps I could use it for traversal of multi-verse by changing of the phase shift current in toroid? These all were too crazy ideas, and there was still no clear practical outcome. Moreover for exact manufacturing of cavity I would probably need 3D printer.

But  anyway I have the  proposal of the resonator still prepared  in my drawer ready for some experimental research. By the way, according to  ABE, this resonator should have significant effect on all charged particles inside the cavity, namely on the phase of their wave function.

years 2010-2013

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:31 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Mar 31, 2016, 9:04 PM ]

I was still in Acision in Prague, but things were changing. Company was already in the "helix of breakup", and with this came depression and also more hobby projects to compensate this depression from uncertain future. Change was expected in every moment, therefore I registered also a  trade certificate. I should be prepared! In 2011 15% of my colleagues lost their jobs.
Regarding research, I was Inspired by hobby projects we have done in Acision, and thus I have invented own design  of free energy  device. I'm not going to publish the design here yet, as this still might be subject for patent. But I can at least  disclose more details on principle here in this link - free energy source.

In the same time I also started to read many popular science and science books, and I started to think more intensively about nature of our universe. Preparation period for big inventions just started!

During this time I read many books and papers related to general theory of relativity, quantum field theory, theory of parallel universes, Poincare conjecture, topology of universe. I have also read biography of Nicola Tesla and book about Czechoslovak (pseudo)science from socialist era "Psychotronic - basic theoretical concept". Surprisingly even this formed my later ideas. Hypothetical particles called infons described in this (pseudo)science book exactly matched the properties of my hyperspace waves ! And even now I think this is the same thing.
The biggest impulse to start deep research was for me though the great popular science book  "Hyperspace" written by Michio Kaku. I read this book around year 2010.  Finally I knew that there is lot to investigate, what goes beyond the knowledge I have learned in school. And so I started to learn more about multidimensional reality of universe.

Following this, I have spent many  nights  calculating different metric tensors for different geometries. Starting from basic ones like Lorentz transform, going to more difficult ones like spherical geometries.  I was even discovering metric tensors for speculative Kaluza-Klein theory, which has one more dimension - electromagnetism. In Kaluza-Klein theory there are 5 dimensions instead of 4. In my derivations, I was trying to invent shape of electromagnetic field, that would cause time to revert or cause the space to be smaller. Most of these these calculations are also in my  "Green book" (now mostly in directory metric-tensor).  What a great progress in the view, how I looked on Philadelphia experiment now, compared to that view, that I had, when I was on university.  With Kaluza-Klein  everything was  seemingly clear, and the calculations I made, haven't been difficult at all. The knowledge of calculus and perhaps some introduction to tensors was all I needed!
But still somehow the electromagnetic field didn't want to connect with space curvature and gravity. It was simply in different row and column of the matrix. And there was no way how to connect it to other rows. No Jacobian helped, neither these for metric containing singularity. Simply it didn't work at all.
Even though I wasn't able to find the proper shape of the electromagnetic field, to reproduce Philadelphia experiment in 2010-2011, my knowledge of physics and math has greatly improved in this time. I hope, I will have one more opportunity to do discover this promising direction of my research, perhaps from different point of view.

But finally during self-study of tensor calculus I discovered for me completely knew mathematical objects. I have barely heard about them during my college study (only in connection with original Maxwell equations). Well I was studying electrical engineering, not pure math nor theoretical physics. That's explain everything, simply they didn't tell us about this at school! The mathematical objects that opened my eyes were quaternions, biquaternions  and octonions. Related to these are also Spinors, but these I touched only basically yet.

Even though  in the great year 2012, during reading the book about Poincare conjecture, which was not directly related to problem I tried to solve, I started to sense different direction for the research. And that  direction was looking promising. I started to think more about the idea of hyperspace waves.

years 2005 -2009

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:25 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Mar 18, 2016, 5:00 PM ]

started to work as Senior Verification engineer for LogicaCMG later Acision, still in Prague, details are also on separate page work in Acision Prague.  On the beginning the work was fully satisfying, but later I needed to compensate my creativeness. My home projects have still been more business oriented than into research. I created for example some real estate server and nice sudoku game in Python.

years 1998 - 2005

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:23 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Mar 31, 2016, 8:35 PM ]

started to work for Vodafone (Oskar), where I have learned a lot about GSM networks. This was great and busy part of my life, but not  related to my researcher's  activities, therefore I'm putting details on separate page work in Vodafone.

Anyway at that time I started to feel, that I need to move from transmission engineer role in Vodafone to some even  computer oriented work, and company changes in 2005 gave me that opportunity. 

Regarding my independent research, during my Vodafone times there was not much progress on this field, and to by honest, I didn't even know what I want to invent yet. Should it be perhaps perpetum mobile or better time machine?. So instead of research, I was rather practising brain, solving some math and logic puzzles (sometimes I liked also wood or wire puzzles).

Later in this period I also started to learn Linux, and also much more about networking and TCP/IP. There was also a pretty new phenomenon WiFi, which I have devoured. I learned about access points, firewall, DNS, DHCP etc. I also manufactured my first SMT PCB GSM pager and successfully programmed it's PIC MCU in assembler. I even wanted to manufacture this thing, but unfortunately Chinese can always manufacture things cheaper. So I ended up with 2 prototypes only. Never mind at least I learned something. And more detailed  knowledge of SMS protocols together with knowledge of Linux and networking led to my next employment.            


posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:20 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Mar 18, 2016, 4:32 PM ]

I was on civil service in Faculty Hospital Motol. I learned some basics of IPX/SPX and TCP/IP networking, and created some software (called Merlin) reading data from monitor of vital functions and filtering and drawing heart rate trends in Excel.  But otherwise this experience it was more or less waste of time. I soon realized that even though I have learned a lot about medical devices during my study, I don't have any interest to work in health care sector. At least not in hospital.


posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:16 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Mar 18, 2016, 6:04 PM ]

During thesis I had to create a mathematical model of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging and create a C/C++ user friendly GUI program based on this math model. From mathematical point of view, besides of derivation of analytical solutions of Bloch equations, I invented also concept of "stair shaped field" gradient and I showed it's connection to Discrete Fourier transform. This thesis was also very important for my future research, because I read many foreign scientific books related to nuclear magnetic resonance and thus I learned more about classical model of NMR, but also more about quantum theory.


posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:13 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Mar 18, 2016, 4:20 PM ]

During work on bachelor work I learned a lot about image processing and math transformation used for this purpose (DCT,DFT, Hadamard, Walsh ..) . I invented several algorithms to calculate these transformations efficiently in Matlab environment.

years 1992 -1998

posted Mar 17, 2016, 11:03 PM by David Jaroš   [ updated Apr 4, 2016, 2:16 PM by David Jaroš ]

I attended electro-engineering study program on Czech Technical University and got solid education in math, physics, electromagnetism, electronics, biomedical engineering, telecommunication and general electrical engineering. I also learned basics of quantum theory, special and even general theory of relativity. I have learned a lot about application of this knowledge which basically creates our modern world. The  most interesting  and usually most challenging subjects have been higher level math, theory of electromagnetic field, quantum theory, theory of digital  communication and signal and image processing. 
Important guide for my further research was my semester paper from theory of electromagnetic field where I had to calculate RF Faraday cage consisting of rectangular wave guides. I solved easily this puzzle, and realized, that if the wavelength of  incoming electromagnetic field is greater than width of the waveguide, the wave inside waveguide is exponentially dumped, and that alpha and beta coefficients  of wavenumber k basically switch their place. This idea is quite important, because this is, as I have much later realized, very similar to the concept of electromagnetic hyperspace waves.

Sometime during this college time frame I started to write so called "green book". This "green book" had started during my lectures of electromagnetism and physics, and was motivated by the Philadelphia experiment. At this time I naively tried to calculate using standard electromagnetic theory what is the direction of Poynting vector in the case, that the field1 is interacting with field2. The main question I tried to answer was: "Can the direction of poynting vector of field1 be changed by field2 ?" Of course this approach was not successful and I soon realized that in linear case it's simply not achievable, because of the principle of superposition. But in non-linear case i.e. for high energies or strength of field, which was indeed on the USS Eldridge boat, this interaction could eventually happen. Notable fact is also, that  high energy photons can interact but I didn't know this at this time.

Note: my latest research has shown that the required non-linear effect could be created using scalar field G, or maybe even better by superposition of two scalar fields shifted by 90 degrees in phase (remember using toroidal coil it's only possible to create time AC scalar field - this I have proved both theoretically and experimentally). The reason is, that for magnetostatic aproximation  the div(A)=0 outside the torroid, and the charge and the smaller, charged induced component contains time derivation, which is zero for DC fields.

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